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April 03, 2013


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Chris Rogers

So true! We have been in the neighborhood for seven years and danced around the "use" issue with our landlord and city officials. Change is good and why can't the city just support us too? The city must really hate the taxes we send them!!

Julie Leigh

Change has been happening for years but the city is afraid of the industrial lobby machine of CEIC. I bet the CEIC landlords won't hate to see their real estate values go up due to the reality of the market shift. Too bad it has taken this long.

Mark King

Please no condos or apartments in the central eastside! I can't take another Pearl District for yuppies.

Kim Choo

Thanks for the interesting blog. When will the city decide on code changes?
It is more than a industrial district, it is real and interesting. Now why can't they move the 405 loop?

Mike Tillman

Great blog. Thanks for the information. My small business is eager to be in Produce Row for many years to come!

Jack W.

It is funny how many office tenants are in the district and not technically allowed according to city code. Notice the big redevelopments are able to stack their buildings full of office users and the city looks the other way. Change has already occurred. It would be nice if the city could just make it official. Yes, there is room for all.

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