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October 12, 2012


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greg haworth

I'm not sure of the sizes but there are quite a few empty store fronts in the Montavilla Business District west of 82nd. Besides, that area really needs a decent local grocery.


Roseway neighborhood

cora potter

5716 SE 92nd, 4415 SE 92nd, 8830 SE Woodstock, 10151 SE Foster Rd

Kay Winkelman

Please consider west Vancouver, WA. We need something!

M Sharp

Please come to the South Waterfront. We have no grocery options here.

Judy Ness

Please, please, please...PSU neighborhood...we have no grocery choices and no fresh food!!!


Mississippi Ave! Take over that Nu-Rite store! The new prescott apartments on Interstate being build have some nice retail space too.


Lair Hill really needs a grocery. There is a high density population here (and more coming, with more development planned for SW Corbett). Swan Mart doesn't cut it. How about the space that just opened up on Corbett and Bancroft next to Piroshki and a Pickle?


I second Roseway! Lots of vacant spots along NE Sandy/Fremont

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