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March 31, 2010


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Dan Cossette

Harvey's has been bringing local and national comedy to Portland for years and years, I just felt I must point out. But local talent has to work hard to get in. We'll see how Helium handles that, and what other national acts they can bring that Harveys either can't or chooses not to.

JJ Quinn

Yeah! An alternative to Harveys is welcome! And the name seems "light" vs. Harveys "dark"; now local talent will have another venue!!

Erik Olson

WOW! Biggest retail lease on Hawthorne since New Seasons!!
Thank you Urban Works!!

Casey EC

It's going to be amazing, much better than Harvey's. I met the owner of Helium, and he is very excited and confident that the club will be a success. Bridgetown Comedy also books shows in rock clubs in addition to their yearly festival. They have pulled in people like Doug Benson, Natasha Leggero, and Todd Glass. With the help of the yearly Bridgetown Comedy Festival and now the addition of Helium, Portland is on track to having a flourishing comedy scene.

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